Frequently Asked Question About Pest Extermination

Sunset Pest Control Service is a pest extermination company offering pest, bugs, and rodent control services.

Our services cover the Leduc, Nikku, Devon and other surrounding neighborhoods. Alberta (Canada).

Pest extermination requires specific skills and knowledge of what you are dealing with such as their behaviors and nature. This is the reason why you need a licensed technician for this job. However, retail products are available if properly used but can cause more harm than good if used incorrectly.

We deal with products that have been verified to be eco-friend and pose no risk to your family or pets.

The length of our service will depend on the level of infestation described in the inspection report. Normally, it takes not more than an hour if preparations are done well.

We believe in quality, so after the extermination, you will receive a warranty.  Please note that the warranty is only applicable if you have taken the proper measures that the technician has advised to prevent further infestation.

We advise our customer to avoid the areas that have been treated, further information will be communicated through the technician assigned to you.