Bedbugs Eradication

Bedbugs top the list of pests in residential and commercial properties. They are widely spread due to the increase in travel and not the presence of unclean or unsanitary living area. They find their way into homes in suitcases and landing on clothes. Inside your house, they love to hide in intricate and dark places of your furniture, mattresses, cushions, rugs and wall cracks. Bedbugs are a small, reddish-brown insect. They are roughly the size of an apple seed, if you are not keen you might mistake them for small roaches. They are active during the night, that’s when they feed on blood. They bite humans and depending on the person, the level of skin reaction can vary: The bite can be painless or painful and may leave a small itchy red mark on the arm, leg or torso. Presence of bedbug in your house can be detected by bites, their dark droppings and blood stains on your beddings. Bedbugs Eradication works best with Heat Treatment. After handled different cases of bedbug infestation, Sunset Pest Control Company has invested heavily in technology and tools. The professionals can easily identify their hiding places and use targeted techniques to easily eradicate them.