Leduc Pigeon Control

Pigeons can possess a problem if there is a great population of them around your residence or business in Leduc. They are generally known as great wildlife bird. When you realize that you have a pigeon problem, call pest Control Company right away. Pigeon droppings create a mess and have been known to cause a major problem in the long run. The problem will worsen if it is not dealt with in time. Call Sunset Pest Control for a Free Inspection. We specialize in setting up deterrents and repellents that will end your pigeon problem in a humane manner.

What do pigeons look like?

Pigeons have bodies that appear gray in color with a white rump in general, but the bird may also appear in hues of white, tan as well as black in color. They characteristically have two black stripes on the wing feathers as well as single black band on the tail feathers along with bright red feet. An average pigeon can weigh 13 ounces and measure about 11 inches in length.

Where can pigeons be found?

Pigeons depend on human activity for their nourishment. They build nests out of sticks, twigs as well as grass in lofts, parks, warehouses, and any place that allows for roosting. Since their food sources comprise of grains and seeds, garbage, insects, and anything that is being fed by people, pigeons are usually found on farms and in places of business as well.

What kind of Damage can pigeons cause?

Pigeons are filthy birds that tend to create disgusting messes. In places where there is pigeon infestation, droppings are found and buildings are stained, droppings found on structures and cars. Not to mention the smell of the droppings. Pigeon droppings can also accelerate the decline of building materials. Not only that, their droppings or excrement contain pathogens of various diseases and can also shelter fleas, lice, mites, as well as ticks in their feathers. Their roosting habits can also contaminate food meant for human and livestock consumption.

What are safe methods for pigeon removal?

It is not easy to trap and remove pigeons. Pigeons can spread number of diseases, thus is it safer for individuals to not approach them. It is best to call pest control professionals like our company to handle the bird problem. The expertly trained and skilled technicians at Sunset Pest Control have the knowledge and experience to remove pigeons effectively and safely from your surroundings.

Pigeon Traps in Leduc Alberta