Mice Exterminator

An adult mouse is small in nature compared to a rat in terms of head, feet and weight size. Mice have large ears and pointed snout with a light brown body. The presence of mice is detected by their droppings, gnawing marks on any soft material, their musky odor and tracks. House and Deer mice have always been a pest issue in Leduc, Alberta. Besides cereal grains and plants, they feed on almost anything. Mice build their nests near food and water sources. They reproduce very fast: a female mouse can breed up to 8 litters of up to 16 pups in a year.  The need to exterminate mice is because they carry parasites and spread diseases, weaken wooden structures and destroy fabrics and other soft materials. Mice are very curious, so catching requires setting up a trap and putting it right in its path. Mice are most active during the night due to their color blind, but have very keen smell, hearing, touch and taste senses. In this case, you need professional baiting treatment and regular monitoring. The knowledge of mice behaviors, food preferences, and habitats has helped aid Sunset Pest Control Company rise to become one of the best Mice exterminator.
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