Spider Extermination

Spider presence in your home or business can be scary for many people. Generally, it can be good to have spiders around, as their presence can help decrease the presence of harmful insects. However, it can be problematic when they affect humans in a negative way. Just seeing a spider can be really scary for many people. Many at times, spiders do bite humans and it can be poisonous. Therefore, it is generally a good idea to seek professional pest management Company like Sunset Pest control in Leduc to tackle any spider infestation.

Why is Spider Extermination important?

There are many different kinds of spiders and some of them pose a serious threat to humans. Two of the spider species that are the deadliest to humans in Canada are the Black Widow and the Brown Recluse. It is very important for anyone who is bitten by one of these spiders to seek medical treatment right away, since a few people die every year from being bitten by either of the two spiders. Hospitalization may be a necessity in some cases.

What does spider look like?

There are many species of spiders in Canada, but not all of them pose a serious threat like Black Widow spider and Brown Recluse Spider. The venom of the other spiders may not be as strong but all of them require medical attention and can be painful.

The Black Widow spider is easily recognizable because of its black color with a red hourglass on the underside of its abdomen. The male is substantially smaller than the female and but has a body up to half an inch long. The Black Widow is usually found outdoor.

The Brown Recluse spider has darker brown hourglass on its back. It is usually found indoors and typically remains out of sight. You may never come across it unless you startle it by trying to reach a dark spot where it may be hiding. In that case it will bite.

When to call Pest Management Company?

If you have seen spider in your home, contact a professional pest management company like Sunset Pest Control right away. We have the knowledge to effectively and safely eliminate the spider problem, as well as make recommendations about deterring them in the future.

At Sunset pest control and management, we take pride in recognizing and treating spider infestation effectively in an expert manner. Contact us for FREE no-obligation quote.

Spider Extermination in Leduc