Sow Bug Extermination

The sow bug is one of the top five pest that disturb residents of Leduc, Alberta (Canada). Sow bugs are dark brown or gray in color with oval bodies. They are easy to identify since their body resembles the edges of the cutting side of a saw on both sides. They may be inactive in cold months, but since they live for up to two years they will always appear. You are likely to find sow bugs in the dump areas of your house. These small crustaceans are nocturnal, they come out at night. They are considered pests when they appear indoors because they can damage your indoor plants and when found crawling in large numbers. Their outdoor activity involves feeding on decaying organic matter, but at times they destroy young plants. Sow bug extermination requires a little bit of spraying on your internal and external home perimeter in case of high infestations. The process includes the reduction of moisture content and elimination of material that contribute to dampness and darkness in your house. Proper ventilation in your basement will help reduce indoor infestation of sow bugs. Sunset Pest Control Company has the best solutions and treatments for your sow bug infestation.
Sow Bugs Problem in Nisku Alberta