Pest Control Services

At Sunset Pest Control Service, we offer a wide range of pest extermination services that are environmentally friendly.  We have licensed technicians who go the extra mile to ensure that you have a pest free home or business.  Call Us now and find out about our Integrated Pest Management Solution for your Business!

Sow Bugs Infestation in Beaumont Alberta

Sow Bugs Infestation

Sow bugs are small crustaceans with oval bodies when viewed from above. Their back consists of a number of overlapping, articulating plates. Call nisku pest control to eliminate them from your home and business.

Skunk Removal Service in Leduc, Alberta

Skunk Removal

In Beaumont, skunks can be a major problem, particularly in the summer months. Skunks scavenge through garbage bins and root up lawns in search of worms and other food. Call our professional experts to get of them now.

Pigeon Control in Devon Alberta

Pigeon Control

Pigeons are feral –domesticated animal gone back to being wild-and as such are very determined birds, living near humans in the Leduc area because of the abundance of food. Don't let pigeons or other birds take over your open space. Call us now for humane pigeon removal service

Get Rid Of Spiders in Leduc

Spider Extermination

Leduc Spider Control Experts is here at your disposal. We're ready to help you exterminate spider problems today. Eco-Friendly Techniques. Trained Technicians. Affordable. High Safety Standards

Carpet Beetle in Leduc Alberta

Carpet Beetle

Most humans will never come into contact with the majority of beetle species. One species, however, that almost everyone will deal with at some point is the carpet beetle. Call the carpet beetle removal professionals at Devon Pest Control now to get rid of them.

Squirrel Control Nisku

Squirrel Control

Our experienced wildlife removal technicians deal with every squirrel situation professionally, effectively and economically. We treat every infestation differently following strict provincial guidelines

Mice Traps in Leduc

Mice Trap

For the Best Mice Control, Call Leduc Pest Control. We are 24/7 Available. We offer Guaranteed Results for Commercial Pest Control and Residential Pest Control

Cockroach Problem in Leduc Alberta


Looking for Exterminator help for a cockroach infestation in Leduc, Nisku and Devon, Alberta. We exterminate all types of cockroaches using effective and affordable methods.

Carpenter Ants Spray

Carpenter Ants

Carpenter Ants are the large black winged ants you see in the spring, and they often nest in wet wood. We are Leduc's #1 Reviewed Carpenter Ant Control Company